My Story

I started doing high-volume recruiting in 2010, but have been helping my friends and family find new jobs for much longer than that.

I think I was originally drawn to the process of job searching because I love the thrill of the hunt. Similar to what I do now (find the perfect candidate for an open position), job searching lets me find the perfect position for someone.

I would spend hours at a time searching for new positions, changing up keywords and going to every job board I could find to identify any new jobs that I hadn't found. I'd make an extensive list of jobs for them to apply to and sometimes even created a profile and applied directly to the position for them (a bit crazy, I know)! 

Calls to setup interviews would start coming in, and eventually offers would be made. I was thrilled, I felt like I was the one getting an offer! I was drawn to the satisfaction of helping someone find their next great position, so I continued to help anyone who mentioned that they were looking for a new job.

Fast forward to 2010 when I started working from home doing high-volume recruiting for a large outsourcing call center. High-volume recruiting is certainly not the most glamorous job, but many of the applicants I talked to were young adults trying to find their first career and stay-at-home Mom's looking to get back into the workforce, and helping them fulfill this goal was enough to keep me going. 

As the years went on I dabbled in both agency and corporate recruiting, and eventually learned the art of Boolean searching. For those of you who aren't familiar, Boolean searching allows you to combine words and phrases to limit, broaden, or define your search. I was mesmerized by Boolean yet incredibly confused on how this search function worked and found so many good results. I remember a colleague sharing her screen with me and showing me the different Boolean operators, google x-ray, and flip-searching all in about an hour. I could not for the life of me wrap my head around what I was seeing, but I knew this Boolean searching could open up a whole new world of finding things on the internet, and I was determined to learn how to do it.

I started researching and reading article after article on anything I could find that showed me how to Boolean search. I watched YouTube videos and did practice exercises to understand how it all worked. I'm sure it took me longer than most of my sourcing friends to fully grasp the concept, but once I did, I was hooked. I used my Boolean and investigative skills to become the 2015 Sourcecon Grandmaster, which is basically a giant scavenger hunt on the internet hosted by ERE Media. I went into the contest never thinking I had even a small chance to win, but my perseverance and love for researching helped me claim the title. 

I created this blog to fulfill my passion for two things - helping people find jobs, and helping new recruiters and sourcers perfect their skills to find people. If you are a job seeker, head on over to that tab to find advice on creating a rockstar LinkedIn profile, how to find a job working from home, and key actions to take when job searching. If you are a new or newer Recruiter or Sourcer, click on that tab for the basics of Boolean, my published blog articles, and my tips to finding quality candidates fast.

My hope is that when you leave this page you have at least one takeaway to improve your career goals, whether it be finding a new career or finding a new hire. And if there is a topic you don't see but want to hear about, contact me! Don't forget to check back frequently for added tips and blog posts too.

Thanks for visiting!