I help women turn ideas into reality, move past limiting beliefs, and do work they love

You're here because you are ready to make a move, because you know there's something more, and you just can't seem to get out of your own way.

Whether you're a 20-something in quarter-life crisis, a new mom returning to work, in the trenches navigating a comeback career after a significant absence, looking to pivot or level up, or seeking a role in a company aligned with your purpose and talents, you'll find supportive guidance and actionable resources in The Job Girl community.

I'll help you make bold moves, get clear on your goals, and take control of your career.

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Confidently and clearly articulate your value to manifest a career aligned with purpose and passion.

(Re)Launch | Reboot | Accelerate | Find Balance 

How Can The Job Girl Help Me?

If any of these sound like you, you're in the right place!

Get Clear

Failure to launch? Can't quite figure out what you want to do or how to get your foot in the door? 

Find Balance

Launching a business or brand to do work on your own terms? Balancing it all while growing or managing your career?

Know Your Value

Thinking about or in the midst of returning to work after a break? Trying to navigate a significant pivot or second act career? 

Featured In

"Working with Rebecca, I experienced an increase in responses and interviews. I can also say I have been able to boost my confidence in my search and networking, all important traits to have especially starting out."

Salonia Henry
Pharmacovigilence Associate

"I'm so grateful for this journey because I was able to start it off on the right foot bc of your support, confidence, and ability to extract my strengths and career highlights. "

Melissa Hedley
Tech Project Manager

"Each time I have worked with Rebecca, she helped me to get organized and have a detailed plan on how to better market myself. I have a varied and diverse skill set that is often hard to put together into a single resume or cover letter. Rebecca was able to tie everything together each time! She is always available and willing to help at every step of the way. I would highly recommend Rebecca to anyone who is looking to get their dream job!"

Michele Roberts
Non-Profit Operations Manager

"Rebecca was wonderful to work with! I have recommended her to all of my friends. I was so impressed with my resume and landed a job interview as soon as I applied. The feedback I received was that my resume really stood out from the rest. It was worth every penny! Rebecca is talented, personable and she has a way with words. She gave me great career advice, interview preparation and also helped me update my LinkedIn. It feels really good to know I have a strategic direction after working with her and a powerful resume. She helped me feel more confident and I can't say enough good things about my experience. If you are reading this wondering if you should use her - just stop, and make the call."

Meghan Jaworksi
Vice President

"I was trying to put my resume together after owning a business for 25 years. I didn't know where to start...or even how I would describe what I had done in those 25 years. Rebecca did an amazing job after just talking for about an hour. She listened to me ramble on what I had done over those years and asked questions and more questions. The result is a very accurate, impressive, clear and to the point resume. Thank you!"

Pam Reed

"I highly recommend working with Rebecca for career services. Her work is thorough and clean. It is incredible to see Rebecca tell the story of your professional career."

Brooke Geller
Director of Curriculum

You're in the Right Place.

Whether you're stuggling to articulate your skills and experience, completely lost on where to even begin your job search, or just feeling totally self-confident about your value, I've got you. This membership is unlike anything else out there and is a labor of love, created through a decade-plus coaching women like you. See you on in the inside!


Why The Job Girl Collective?

  • You need a plan. Stop spinning your wheels, stop applying endlessly to jobs online, and start moving forward with an actionable plan. 
  • You need confidence. You know there is more out there but you struggle to articulate all that you do in a way that is meaningful to hiring authorities and positions you for that next step role. 
  • You need stepwise advice and practical templates. You learn by doing and you need something more than the boring, outdated, and tired advice on other sites. You've done all you can do with "free" and need clear, stepwise advice. I specialize in breaking down the complex and creating job search tools that take the guesswork out of it.
  • You need to get unstuck. Let's face it. The hardest thing is getting started. With support and community, you'll have the push you need to get started and the momentum you need to keep going.
Stop the Madness!

What's Included in The Job Girl Collective?


Writing resumes is hard. Why reinvent the wheel? Your membership includes editable, modern, ATS-friendly templates with language you can customize to fit your career and experiences. 

Actionable Advice & Training

Battle-tested tools, tips, and scripts from an expert. Overcome imposter syndrome, network more effectively, and job search smarter.

Each month, new content is released helping you navigate job boards, connect with hiring managers, and target your search more effectively.

Support & Accountability

Research shows that women thrive when they are surrounded by supportive, like-minded colleagues. The Collective is a place to learn, grow, and evolve together, with built-in accountability and in-the-trenches guidance to help you achieve your goals.

Join Now!

Get lifetime access to my personal branding, resume writing, and LinkedIn courses—with fully customizable resume templates—for only $49! For more customized support, join The Collective and gain access to group or 1:1 coaching and my exclusive community, filled with like-minded women on a journey to professional fulfillment.


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